NEW: StormFix Double

Next to the StormFix Standard and the StormFix Budget there was a demand for a  StormFix that was also suitable for the corners. This resulted in the development of the StormFix Double, a StormFix with double elastic and a new design. The result in design may be there and also in terms of loadability. Tensile tests showed that the StormFix Double can be loaded up to 135 kg!

For the time being, the StormFix is double with black end pieces and ALU-colored or black elastic in the lengths 16, 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 cm. The StormFix Double is very suitable for façade frames and freestanding frames for both indoor and outdoor use.

 STFD   STFD foto

Innovation importance at ElastiFix

A number of reputable companies such as Hörmann, Altrex and Vanderlande have already called on the innovative character of ElastiFix. This resulted in the development of a stronger and more sustainable alternative to the so-called Fjong rubber that Hörmann uses for their dock shelter systems. For Altrex ElastiFix developed an elastic replacement for metal springs and for Vanderlande an elastic clamping system was developed that clamps goods to be transported on a conveyor belt.

ElastiFix also develops fastening systems without elastic

In October 2016 ElastiFix was approached by one of the largest suppliers of show equipment in Europe with exports to more than 70 countries. In six months ElastiFix developed the now patented GripponTube, the newest replacement of the button tape and theater hook to quickly hang up theater curtains.

Meanwhile, the introduction took place during the Prolight & Sound 2017 exhibition in Frankfurt, the largest light and sound fair in Europe. The reactions about the GripponTube were overwhelming.

“You click the GripponTube from underneath on the pull or truss and it is wall-mounted, load-bearing up to 20 kg each, faster you have never hung a curtain. Loosening is just as simple, put thumb and finger in the opening of the GripponTube and you pull it loose “. Hanging and knocking down theater and event curtains with the GripponTube is twice as fast as any other system on the market!

 Grippon   Grippon tekening


 Adjustable curtain suspension system

A second product that is now being developed for the same sector is the so-called DrapeFix Adjust, an adjustable suspension system for pleated heavy acoustic curtains. These curtains are fire-resistant impregnated and therefore easily absorb moisture from the air, making them no longer straight and height-adjustable. ElastiFix develops a solution for this question that is reminiscent of an adjustable tie-wrap. The first prototypes have been positively received and production line will be started at the end of the year.

DrapeFix Adjust