StormFix Bungee Standard

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An innovative very strong (>100kg) bungee designed to fix banners into a frame. Makes it possible to fix banner near the frame! Available in various lengths.


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An innovative very strong bungee designed to fix banners into a frame. The StormFix Standard comprises of an 8 mm elastic cord with two endpieces: a male and a female nylon part which engages in the banners’ eyelet. The StormFix Standard can be supplied in various standard lengths and colours (black, silver and white). The main advantages are in a nutshell:

  • Longlasting wear resistant multicore elastic cord with a high tenacity polyester braiding
  • Endpieces are made of UV resistant glassfilled polyamide 
  • A stainless steel torx pin contributes to an optimal fixation between elastic cord and endpiece
  • Can withstand loads of > 100 kg which is 4-tmes stronger that the average spiral hook bungee.
  • Absolutely no corrosion and a long life!
  • Available  in standard lengths, but on request each length can be made within 2 days

The enormous popularity of the StormFix can be explained by the possibility to fix the banner close to the frame (from 1 cm). This has two advantages: the endresult looks great and professional + the space within the frame is fully utilised!

We included a table which helps you to select the correct length for your application by giving the tube diameter and the required space between banner and frame.


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